Wal-Mart Things food, clothing, socks, etc

Wal-Mart our store
web site here

Newton, KS Walmart
1701 S Kansas Rd

When you shop at Wal-mart simply put this address In as your store
have the notification of when it's ready sent to elcm@messiahsbanch.org  

It takes about 3 per meal!
Great Value Traditional Pasta Sauce, 66 oz   here

La Moderna Spaghetti, 7 oz (Pack of 20) here


Augason Farms Emergency Food Dehydrated Chopped Onions, 23 oz  here

Augason Farms Emergency Food Dehydrated Diced Red & Green Bell Peppers Mix, 20 oz  here

Augason Farms Emergency Food Long Grain White Rice, 28 lb  here

Yes we grow our own also!

Augason Farms Emergency Food Non-Hybrid Vegetables Garden Seeds, 16 oz  here


Great Value 8.875" Soak Proof Foam Plates, 170ct here

We can use napkins, toilet paper, just remember they need what you need they eat what you eat and it's like having 60 to over 80 house guests a day......
Wal-Mart is also a great place to buy socks, gloves, stocking hats, underwear, shoes etc
And do not forget we always use these things, some you can buy at walmart

eggs 5-15 dozen each day we are open

It takes 10 pounds of hamburger to make a meal

It about the same with chicken etc

Hot dogs about 20 packs