Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This blogg is needful things for the Mission Church and Mercy


This blog is for people who would rather buy things instead of donating cash. Please have all products mailed to the
 230 west 4th street, Florence, KS 66851
address as the Mission Church is downtown and packages require us to make a trip to the post office etc.

With Wal-Mart or the Dollar Tree you can have things delivered to the local stores which in Wal-Mart case is generally the same day or within a few days...

I will be adding to this blog new things and will announce Wichita Sales on a page so you who live in Wichita can see when to purchase things like meat and eggs on sale!

You may arrange to drop donations of things directly to The Wichita Mission Church by calling 316-619-4886, or texting the same number, or email

As we are a church if you ask we send thank you notes you may use at tax time or your returned check also works for that...

Be Very Blessed, Messiah's Branch